The skin of our entire body parts sheds its outer layer after a regular interval of time. The falling of dried skin flakes from the scalp is called dandruff. Dandruff, however, is not a serious disease, but it is frustrating and irritating. People having dandruff, experience a white flakes falling from their head all the time. These flakes are nothing but part of the skin of their head. The cause of dandruff can be anything from malfunctioning of the body system, to stress and unhealthy eating habits. It attacks to all the age group and it should never be ignored. It is a myth that dandruff occurs when skin of the scalp gets dried. This however, is not true, it usually occurs when the skin of the scalp become too much oily. Some people experience mild dandruff, some experience severe.

Dandruff Causes

The cause of the severe dandruff is due to a chronic skin disease, in which there the scalp is covered with dry red patches. The other organs affected with this disease are ears, nose, genitals, etc. Another cause of dandruff is pityrosporum ovale. This germ results in inflammation and formation of small blisters on the outer surface of the scalp, which later result in the shedding of the skin flakes.

Other causes of dandruff include improper diet, high caloric food intake, stress-full life, tension, overexertion, improper functioning of the body system, Dandruff. Prolong disease like jaundice also cause dandruff. Use of wrong hair oil, hair shampoos, and other hair-care products cause dandruff.

Dandruff Symptoms

Major symptoms of dandruff are white colored skin flakes all over shoulder, severe itching, inflammation, and red blisters on the scalp.