Discover Dermatology Cosmetic Services at Derma Klinic

Date : 7 June 2016

Derma klinic takes maximum care of conditions like scarring, weathered face, pigmentation, wrinkles, hair loss etc.  We are fully equipped to perform various cosmetic and dermatosurgical procedures backed by an expert team of highly skilled and trained Cosmetic surgeons. The department also offers a range of cosmetic services for people from all age groups in Lucknow which are as follows 

  • Chemical peels for acne, excessive
    oiliness, pigmentation, photoageing etc
  • Skin polishing for dull skin, 
    pigmentation etc,
  • Radiofrequency/Electrocautery for 
    warts etc
  • Mole treatments
  • Laser therapies for unwanted hair 
    removal, Scar resurfacing or reduction with 
    PIXEL laser, subcision, punch excision, 
    punch elevation and TCA cross
  • Q switched Ndyag for birthmarks, 
    freckles, lentigenes, tattoos etc
  • Laser toning for even skin tone, 
  • Light based therapies for rejuvenation 
    and tightening of skin
  • Botox for wrinkles and fillers for
    grooves and valleys in the skin , Collagen
    replacement therapy for frown lines, cheek 
    depressions, acne scars, vertical lip lines, 
    worry lines, smile lines crow's feet, and face scars.
  • Weight loss, inch loss, body contouring.
  • PRP for thinning hair, hair loss related baldness etc.

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