Combating Hair Loss: Causes, Treatments & Self-Care Tips for Men

Date : 20 Fabruary 2024

Discover effective hair loss treatments in Lucknow with the best dermatologist. Learn about medication, transplants, and self-care strategies for healthy hair.

Winter Beauty Trends 2024: Dermaklinic's Forecast

Date : 05 January 2024

Discover the top Winter Beauty Trends for 2024 with Dermaklinic's expert forecast. Glow through the season with insights from the best dermatologist in Lucknow.

DIY Beauty: Transform Your Skin with Simple Home Remedies

Date : 16 December 2023

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Dermatology Decoded: Common Myths and Misconceptions

Date : 09 November 2023

Unraveling skincare myths and revealing dermatology facts in Lucknow for healthier, vibrant skin. Expert guidance awaits you

Safeguarding Your Skin: Sun Protection 101

Date : 07 November 2023

Discover the best ways to protect your skin from the sun in Lucknow. Learn from the top dermatologists and skin specialists in Lucknow. Get expert tips on sun protection from the best skin doctors.

Beyond the Surface: Understanding Skin Types

Date : 04 November 2023

Unlock the fountain of youth with expert guidance. Learn about anti-aging skincare, dermatologists in Lucknow, and effective wrinkle reduction methods.

The Art of Ageless Beauty: Anti-Aging Tips

Date : 03 November 2023

Unlock the fountain of youth with expert guidance. Learn about anti-aging skincare, dermatologists in Lucknow, and effective wrinkle reduction methods.

Best Dermatologist in Lucknow - Your Guide to Flawless Skin

Date : 30 October 2023

Find the Best Dermatologist in Lucknow for top-notch skincare solutions. Achieve flawless skin with the top Skin Doctor in Lucknow.

Combat Skin Issues: Find Expert Dermatologists in Lucknow

Date : 04 August 2023

Having healthy, radiant skin is a desire participated by numerous individuals. Skin issues can be troublesome and affect one's self-confidence.

Say Goodbye to Skin Problems with DermaKlinic, the Best Dermatologist in Lucknow

Date : 07 June 2023

Welcome to DermaKlinic, your ultimate solution for all your skin problems in Lucknow. We understand the significance of healthy, radiant skin, and our team of highly skilled dermatologists is committed to providing you with top-notch care. Say goodbye to skin problems and embrace a flawless complexion with our specialized treatments and personalized care.

Tips for Maintaining Good Skin with Psoriasis

Date : 07 June 2023

Moisturizing your skin is crucial for managing psoriasis and keeping it looking healthy. Choose a moisturizer that is fragrance-free and specifically formulated for sensitive skin. Apply it generously all over your body, paying extra attention to areas affected by psoriasis.

Top 7 reasons not to purchase skincare

Date : 03 November 2022

Consider your skincare products to be fine wines. The handling and temperature control processes involved in truck transit and facility storage are essential to a drink's flavor and structure.

What distinguishes "dry skin" from

Date : 02 November 2022

New patients frequently inform me that they have "dehydrated skin," not "dry skin," despite their suffering. Therefore, I'm going to explore this claim further and dispel several myths in my blog post.

Top 10 Dermatologist Skin Care Advice

Date : 13 October 2022

According to Dr. Neeraj Pandey, there is just 20% less UV radiation on snowy or foggy days compared to sunny days. "That visible light can dull our skin," a person might say when driving or sitting next to a window. Check the expiration date as well, because sunscreen loses its protective qualities after that time. To stay covered and

Precautions For After Laser Hair Removal

Date : 13 October 2022

Laser hair removal is one of the most common and comfortable cosmetic procedures used today to remove unwanted body hair. For individuals seeking a non-invasive method to get rid of or reduce unsightly body hair, it is a wonderful choice. Laser hair removal results can endure for years with the right pre-and post-treatment maintenanc

Acne Treatments Recommended by Dermatologists

Date : 13 October 2022

Around 50 million people worldwide suffer from acne, which is most common during adolescence, particularly around the middle of the teenage years when hormones start to shift and develop. However, acne can strike at any time and is equally prevalent up until the age of 30. Depending on how your body changes during this time of your li

The Top Ten Causes of Skin Damage and Wrinkles

Date : 13 October 2022

The epidermis, the top layer of skin, is harmed by exposure to the sun in addition to the danger of skin cancer. 90% of the signs of skin ageing, according to researchers, are attributed to exposure to the UVA and UVB rays of sunshine. This harm accumulates over time and manifests as wrinkles, age spots, and apparent redness. Another

How to Fade Acne Scars on face?

Date : 07 March 2022

Acne eruptions are aggravating, and they may leave scars on the face and other parts of the body. Acne scars may be an unwelcome reminder of a painful and troublesome condition for some individuals. Acne scars, on the other hand, do not have to be permanent, since certain home remedies and medical treatments can help get rid of them.

The pros and cons of chemical peels: Are they worth it?

Date : 24 Jan 2022

A chemical peel is made up of a mixture of synthetic compounds that have a gel-like consistency. It's used on the face to smooth skin's surface layer, eliminate minor variances, and eliminate flaws...

Plastic Surgery for face || Types of Face plastic surgery

Date : 24 Sept 2021

Facing a lot of problems just because of low physical appearance?
Don’t worry, Facial plastic surgery might be beneficial and referred to as an excellent treatment especially for.. ...

Reasons Why Hair Transplant Is Gaining More Popularity

Date : 13 Sept 2021

Hair transplantation is a most efficient way to regain your hair on the scalp naturally and effectively. It is just like magic for a person suffering from severe baldness or Alopecia disease ...

Botox treatment - a procedure to give your skin a new life

Date : 31 May 2021

BOTOX or Botulinum toxin injection specially used for the treatment of facial wrinkles, BOTOX treatment procedures is ultimately one of the most common terminal entry treatment procedures especially for the...

Hairfall , a permanent ailment or is there any solid solution to this issue

Date : 26 May 2021

According to the medical experts, hair loss without a scarring of the scalp is effectively a very common condition and terminally affects the most people at some time in their respective lives...

Your top skincare tips for problematic skin

Date : 20 May 2021

At some point of life, sometimes it is really difficult to manage your skin, and if we talk about the skincare regimes there are different regimes for the people living in different parts of the cities...

The best skin specialist in lucknow

Date : 17 May 2021

Skin specialist or dermatologist can be effectively defined as a professional and experienced who comprehensively specializes in skin care, and can effectively help a patient suffering from skin, hair, nail diseases or problems.

Going Through A Painless Laser Hair Removal Procedure....Is It Really Painless

Date : 10 May 2021

Individually, when you identify unwanted hair on your body and after a certain period of time, you do get tired of using particular temporary hair removal treatment including waxing your underarms or chin regularly which also includes more pain.

A Laser Hair Reduction Treatment For Smoother Skin Efficient Today

Date : 6 May 2021

Laser hair reduction for your smoother skin is the most efficient and effective technique, it is also an excellent addition to the permanent hair reduction.

Hair Transplant- The Only Solution For Regaining Your Youth

Date : 29 April 2021

As we say the most noticeable part of the human body is a person's hair because stylish hair can really enhance his/her personality to the unique level. Hair plays an effective role in individual appearance.

A Dermat Treatment For Moles And Warts Are Better Than Home Remedies

Date : 28 April 2021

Moles and warts or generally we say skin tags have become so common a problem now, executes harmless growth but some of them can be effectively treated by home remedies.

How Important Is Female Intimate Rejuvenation For Women Above 45

Date : 26 April 2021

Fortunately, nowadays just because of advanced medical science studies, there are many effective gynecological treatment procedures available for the women that simply initializes more determination and completely assures less pain.

Why Is Hair Transplant So Famous

Date : 21 April 2021

Hair transplantation is a most efficient way to regain your hair on the scalp naturally and effectively. It is just like magic for a person suffering from severe baldness or Alopecia disease which can be caused by the multiple genetic and environmental conditions, normal diet or it completely depends on your routine lifestyle.

Write In Brief About Perfect Skincare Treatments For Summer

Date : 18 April 2021

In the world of beauty where terminally a functional skin care routine simply means through determining your glowing skin care type. It also depends on the type of products you use and how your skin is going to react to each product.

Are Laser Treatments Safe And Better Than Conventional Ones

Date : 1 April 2021

Tattoos are the most common and trendy thing which is being loved by almost every respective person and yet at some point they also come up with successful tattoos on their specific part of the body. But as per our human nature we easily get bored at a particular stage of life.

Write 10 Steps For Laser Tatoo Removal Technique. What To Keep In Mind While Doing The Procedure

Date : 26 March 2021

Tattoos are the most common and trendy thing which is being loved by almost every respective person and yet at some point they also come up with successful tattoos on their specific part of the body. But as per our human nature we easily get bored at a particular stage of life.

Is Botox And Fillers Safe Way To Enhance Your Looks

Date : 25 March 2021

In the world of beauty where every wants to look professionals, young, dashing and more beautiful and due to enhancement of medical science there are lots of unique treatments that can conceal or just transform the person’s look in terms of beautification but at some dermatological conditions which cannot be ignored.

Are Derma Results True, When It Comes To Selecting Various Skin Or Hair Procedures

Date : 19 March 2021

Skin is ultimately standardized for sensory perception, production of Vitamin D, secretion of waste products, etc.  Skin problems happen because of environmental conditions when a person can get a problem with skin and this can be a major issue in future and can damage your entire body.

10 Small Things Important In Dermatologist

Date : 25 February 2021

In this changing era where there are thousands of problems related to skin, scalp, hair or nails. Sometimes we really do not know what exactly the problem is and this can also get converted into a big problem in future. Mostly we have every cure to the disease just we need to get to the right place dermatologists are the medical experts you should consult if you have any significant problem with your skin.

Top 10 Secrects Of Dermatology That Nobody Will Tell You

Date : 13 February 2021

Every human has skin referred to as the largest organ. Skin serves as the main protective shield against the damage to your internal tissues from ultraviolet light, chemical compounds or from bacteria. Skin is also responsible for sensory perception, production of Vitamin D, excretion of waste products, etc.

Why Is Hair Transplant So Famous

Date : 23 November 2020

Hair loss has become such a common factor among the population these days. Both men and women are getting affected. More than 80% of the people, of all ages, are suffering from hair loss directly or indirectly.

7 Dermatologist Tips You Need To Learn Now

Date : 10 November 2020

Like all the professional health workers, dermatologists are also doctoring for skin, hair, and nails. They are well trained professionals who are certified to test and cure a patient having problems with these parts of the body.

15 Fact That Nobody Told You About Dermatologist

Date : 9 November 2020

Like there is a doctor for every body part and everyone wants to get themselves treated from them only, in the same way, dermatologists are the professionals who look after our health related to hair, skin, scalp and nails.

Simple Guidance For You In Skin Clinic

Date : 5 November 2020

Skin clinics are the gateways for the people for getting healthier skin. It enables them to fight from the various skin related problems. They consist of a dermatologist who looks and takes careof the patients and treat them with various treatment methods.

Skin Clinic Is So Famous , But Why

Date : 2 November 2020

Skin clinics are places which help the people to get healthier skin and fight from different diseases related to hair, nail and skin.

Eliminate your fears and doubts about best Dermatologists

Date : 30 October 2020

Dermatologists are the ones who are specialized in not only skin care and skin treatment but also in hair, scalp and nail related problems.

Top 10 Easy Rules For Skin Clinic

Date : 29 October 2020

Now a day’s people are suffering from so many skin problems. For them skin clinics are like temples where they can get correct and quick treatments of all their issues.

Dermatologist Is So Famous But Why

Date : 16 October 2020

These days with the occurrence of so many skin problems, we all need someone who has a knowledge and is capable of telling us what is right and how to take care of our sensitive skin. Seeking a specialist has become more and more common among the population.

15 Small But Important Things To Observe In Best Dermatologist

Date : 10 October 2020

Like we have specialized doctors for every part of our body, dermatologists are the specialize doctor for skin, hair, hair scalp and nails. They identify and treat patients with problems like skin cancer, psoriasis, eczema and acne, etc.

Why to see a dermatologist for acne ?

Date : 29 September 2020

Acne is a very common disease these days. About 85% of the world’s population has suffered from acne at some point in their lives. Reasons for Acne problem might be different. Acne can be caused at any age but it’s more common among the population who are in adolescence or young adult age. Although it’s not a serious disease but can be frustrating, irritating, painful...

Why Acne Is Important?

Date : 28 September 2020

People have various different myths regarding acne. People of all ages, races and genders suffer from this problem. About 7 out of 10 people are suffering from acne. Its more common among the population who are in adolescence or young adult age. Although it’s not a serious disease but can be frustrating, irritating, painful and can also lead to permanent scarring. Many at times acne tends to get cured naturally as soon as a person hits their 30s.

What Is The Importance Of Dermatologist

Date : 24 September 2020

Our skin is the largest organ in human body and it protects all the rest of the parts of our body from the outside world. That means we should also take care and pay attention to our skin like we do for our other body parts. Researches show that healthy and beautiful looking skin can boost confidence.

Dermatologists and Skin Care

Date : 4 September 2020

Skin related problems have always been one of our common problems to fill our life with stress. Despite of trying many home remedies, it has not been easy to get rid of this problem, rather left with no option but to go to the dermatologist for proper skin care. A dermatologist is an expert who cures your all types of skin, hair and nails disorders. Usually, you called them Skin Specialist or Skin Care Doctors.

Master Tips To Make Your Skin Healthy

Date : 21 November 2017

It is safe to say that you are experiencing dry, extended, irritated or flaky skin? Keep in mind dry skin looking more seasoned than slick skin, as they demonstrate scarcely discernible differences and wrinkles quicker. They additionally chip, split and drain effortlessly. So here best skin doctor in Lucknow prescribes you a few hints which can be enabled full for your dry and irritated to the skin.

Treat Your Wrinkles With Botox Treatment

Date : 17 October 2017

Botox, a standout amongst the most attempted and tried techniques for wrinkle treatment is offered at Derma Klinic. Botox is a sanitized protein material utilized for medicinal purposes for over five decades. Wrinkles are shaped because of ceaseless muscle compressions amid outward appearances over drawn out stretches of time. Botox works by hindering the overactive nerve driving forces that outcome in extraordinary muscle withdrawals, in this manner decreasing the wrinkles. In view of the prerequisite, a coveted measure of Botox is infused into the muscle in charge of making the wrinkle. When Botox is infused, the muscle unwinds and the wrinkle mollifies while the encompassing muscles, which are untreated, contract in an ordinary mold.

How To Get Acne Free Skin?

Date : 5 October 2017

Is it true that you are searching for dermatologist exhortation to dispose of your skin break out? Have you officially depleted different skin inflammation items accessible on the rack? As a dermatologist in Lucknow, we can tell that a comprehensive approach is basic to dispose of pimples. This incorporates skin break out tips, home cures, items, eat less, treatment, scar counteractive action.

How Laser Skin Resurfacing Work

Date : 21 July 2016

Laser Skin Resurfacing
If aging acen or too much time in the sun has left your face with blotches, scars, wrinkles, or lines, laser skin resurfacing may help your skin look younger and healthier.

Laser Hair Removal Work

Date : 12 July 2016

Regardless of which area you're looking to de-fuzz, laser hair removal can help. In a matter of minutes, hair follicles are destroyed with minimal discomfort. Using highly concentrated energy, hair follicles are targeted and pulses of light are emitted. The laser's energy is attracted to the pigment of hair, the same way sunlight is attracted to darker clothing.

Segments of hair loss

Date : 08 July 2016

Hair loss, as the name itself implies, refers to the falling of hair from scalp / head; another term used to describe this is alopecia. It is a broad term that also includes thinning of hair. While genetics plays a vital role in this condition that afflicts both men and women, there are several other factors that are involved in bringing on this problem in people.

You Never Get a Second Chance to Make a First Impression.

Date : 30 June 2016

Three major factors are going to affect your success with any hair loss treatment. The first factor is the type of hair loss. Men begin to lose hair in several different patterns. The most common patterns involve receding at the temples, centralized loss on the top or back of the head (the vertex), and something known as diffuse thinning. Naturally, any combination of these is also very common.

Dermatology is The Best Way to Get Away From Lousy Skin

Date : 28 June 2016

Derma Klinic is the world-class centre in providing laser and aesthetic skincare treatments we are committed to offer quality care in a very warm & friendly environment. All our treatments are performed under the strict guidance of physicians, and are conducted thoroughly licensed, trained and certified medical and aesthetic personnel.

Tips to control hair fall

Date : 21 June 2016

1. A wide-toothed comb should ideally be used to gently detangle the hair and then the regular fine-toothed comb may be used to style the hair as per one’s need. This will reduce the risk of hair breakage and hair fall while combing. 2. It is best not to comb the hair while it is wet as this leads to greater chances of hair breakage and fall. Let it be dry or semi-dry before combing.

Bridal skin care treatment

Date : 20 June 2016

Wedding is all about preparation and it isn't just booking the reception, arranging flowers, selecting the food that requires attention. Every bride wants to look her most beautiful on her wedding day as equally every groom. The D-day is so important that one of my patients confessed to me-"I spent more money on skin care and cosmetics than I did on my wedding dress."

Laser Hair Removal With Derma Klinic

Date : 16 June 2016

Laser hair removal is used to reduce unwanted hair. Common treatment locations include legs, underarms, upper lip and chin. However, it's possible to treat unwanted hair in nearly any area except the eyelid or surrounding area. Hair color and skin type influence the success of laser hair removal. For example, laser hair removal is most effective for people who have light skin and dark hair because the laser beam targets the pigment (melanin) in the hair.

Dermatology Cosmetic Services at Derma Klinic

Date : 7 June 2016

Derma klinic takes maximum care of conditions like scarring, weathered face, pigmentation, wrinkles, hair loss etc. We are fully equipped to perform various cosmetic and dermatosurgical procedures backed by an expert team of highly skilled and trained Cosmetic surgeons. The department also offers a range of cosmetic services for people from all age groups in Lucknow which are as follows 

Dark circle surgery is right for you

Date :6 June 2016

Before you go for under knife, you must know some of the most commonly asked questions regarding dark circle surgery.
What is dark circles surgery?
There are numerous procedures used to get rid of dark circles. The exact surgery that your doctor recommends will depend on what caused your dark circles to appear in the first place.

Hair transplant to get rid from the hair loss problems

Date :2nd June 2016

Hairs are one of the most precious assets of a human being as they augment overall appeal. This is the reason that they should be taken care well enough to save them from the problem of loss. Obviously, no one likes to get mocked over their hair loss or baldness issue. In order to help such individuals, hair loss treatment in Lucknow is the perfect solution. Certainly, the problem of hair loss is scientifically well defined as Alopecia

Botox treatment which gives your skin new birth

Date : 31 May 2016

Botox is an important tool in our fight against ageing. We have been using Botox successfully to treat wrinkles, sunken eyes, lip reshaping, aging hands and facial creases. Botox is the name of a toxin produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. Smiling, frowning, squinting and even chewing - basically any facial movement can lead to some of the most common signs of aging: wrinkles.

Three steps to Remove Acne Scars

Date : 24 May 2016

Dealing with acne scars can seem like a never-ending battle. Whether you still have active painful acne or the scars are a reminder of the skin issues that you had in the past, scars are unsightly and can be frustrating to remove. It’s not always as simple as creams and antibiotics, unfortunately. Here are three tried and trusted ways to remove stubborn acne scars.

Hair Loss Treatment in Lucknow

Date : 21 May 2016

Length, texture and health of hair have a significant impact on personality of an individual. This is the reason for which hair loss can be a traumatic situation for many people. There are times when hair start falling for no reason. There are many causes of hair loss like disease, childbirth, stress, and in some cases it might be genetically inherited. But, if you feel that your hair is thinning constantly then it is time to look for the right hair loss treatment option.

Laser Hair Removal in Lucknow

Date : 18 May 2016

In a highly competitive world, the key to self-confidence and success lies in looking and feeling beautiful. Appearance and appeal are the two components that make a difference. A common problem experienced by most of us is visible and unwanted hair at unintended places. For women, facial hair spells disaster and even men are no exception as they end up with hair on ear lobes. So, before impressions fail, a right solution is imperative, offered by Derma Klinic.