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Date :30 June 2016

Three major factors are going to affect your success with any hair loss treatment.  The first factor is the type of hair loss.  Men begin to lose hair in several different patterns. The most common patterns involve receding at the temples, centralized loss on the top or back of the head (the vertex), and something known as diffuse thinning. Naturally, any combination of these is also very common. You may wish to familiarize yourself with the “Norwood Scale”. It is one of the most frequently used methods for identifying exactly which class of hair loss you fit into, and to what extent your loss has progressed. It is also a good way to see how things may continue if you leave your hair untreated.
Different treatments tend to have slightly better results in different areas of the scalp and for different types of hair loss. In Step 3 – Evaluating the Available Treatments, we will begin to delve into this issue.

  • Waiting to Treat your Hair Loss

Hair loss treatments today are most successfully used by those who haven’t waited too long to do something about their situation. The process of balding takes years to occur, and it’s true that the longer you wait to stop it, the harder it can be to reverse it. However, fighting hair loss is as much an act of prevention as it is an act of reversal. Younger men who start a treatment regimen today can be the first men in history to keep their hair, when they would have otherwise gone bad. Men who have been losing hair for between 5 and 15 years have also successfully reversed their balding with a combination of treatments, and by using a multifaceted approach. Remember the rule: wherever there’s still hair, you can thicken it.

  • How Much Hair You’ve Lost

The amount of hair you’ve lost is a huge factor in deciding what treatments to use. If you’re happy to keep what you’ve got today, Propecia and Nizoral (or the alternatives we recommend) are most likely all you need. If you’ve lost a cosmetically noticeable amount, and absolutely MUST thicken, you’re going to want to combine Propecia and Nizoral with Rogaine or other growth stimulants. Understanding what each treatment is used for is important.

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