Plastic Surgery for face || Types of Face plastic surgery

Date : 24 Sept 2021

Facing a lot of problems just because of low physical appearance?
Don’t worry, Facial plastic surgery might be beneficial and referred to as an excellent treatment especially for those who really want to enhance their physical appearance. It has been also observed that some people regressively like to enhance certain parts of their face or a person born with a terminal kind of abnormalities including cleft lip or other defects.

Accordingly, many such effective conditions including, sun damage, or any other kind of previous facial trauma can be professionally corrected through verified procedures usually performed by highly professional and experienced surgeons. Otolaryngologists (ENT Specialists) are professionals, experts in diagnosing and logically treating a huge number of possible conditions such as face, nose, lips, ears and neck. Many of us do not know that facial plastic surgery is a procedural part of otolaryngology which are subjectively divided into two proper categories:

  • Reconstructive Plastic Surgery

  • Cosmetic Plastic Surgery


Different Types of Plastic Surgery for Face:

Ear Surgery:

This kind of efficient surgery procedure can really help the patients generally born with underdeveloped or drooping ears usually due to the weak or poorly formed cartilage. Although, it has been noticed that deformity of the ears may eventually cause social anxiety and it may make young ones vulnerable to teasing. If the patient's problem is not because of the origin of the ear distortion, many such ear conditions can be professionally or surgically corrected through excellent techniques and machinery. Of course, these specific procedures do not affect the patient's normal hearing.

Lip Surgery:  

 Conceptually, there are many professional cosmetic surgeons in Lucknow to carry out this effective procedure in a safe and proficient manner. Accordingly, lip surgery can eventually increase the fullness and personify the proper definition of your lips just to create a more desirable and youthful appearance and natural smile. One of the most important benefits of lip surgery is that it can be tailored especially according to the major needs of the patients. The structure of the lips can be identically adjusted and redesigned according to the will of the professionals.

Nose Plastic Surgery:

Ultimately, Nose defines the effective personality and it is believed that shape and size may be the most defining characteristics of your respective face. Comprehensively, if you're unhappy with your nose, specifically you're not alone. However, it can be treated well according to the client specifications and a person wishes to reconstruct change usually caused by an injury and some just want to breathe more independently.

Cost of Nose SurgeryOr Nose Job in Lucknow:

Many professionalskin clinics in Lucknow gently offer affordable cosmetic surgeries that are specifically aimed at personifying and stabilizing the appearance in the most effective and natural way. It is believed that the cost of cosmetic surgeries in Lucknow occasionally start from Rs. 50000/- specifically for the minor surgeries including nose jobs and can effectively go over. More than a lakh for the major surgeries including nose surgery, lip surgery, tummy tuck and many others.

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Plastic Surgery for face || Types of Face plastic surgery