Reasons Why Hair Transplant Is Gaining More Popularity

Date : 13 Sept 2021

Hair transplantation is a most efficient way to regain your hair on the scalp naturally and effectively. It is just like magic for a person suffering from severe baldness or Alopecia disease which can be caused by the multiple genetic and environmental conditions, normal diet or it completely depends on your routine lifestyle. Medically Androgenic Alopecia is determinately one of the most common causes of hair loss which also affects both males and females. There is no specific age and ethnicity it can really affect people of all types. Although if you may consider a specific change in your daily routine and diet that could reasonably show some amount of progress of hair loss but that’s not a cure which can effectively reverse its effects.

Hair Transplantation Procedure In Lucknow

Due to technology advancement, medically the proper cure is available now. Hair transplant surgery is the best and permanent solution, during the hair transplantation procedure the hair loss is simply treated by pulling out the hair follicles just from the donor area and simply get planted in the problematic recipient area or the baldness area. Just before the hair transplant procedure first as a patient you will have to consult an experienced dermatologist who will deliberately examine the current condition of your scalp just to determine the severity and also try to find out the best and perfect execution. Also make sure to inform the doctor about your existing condition and of course the type of medications you are taking.

Hair Transplant in Lucknow

During the FUE Hair transplant an individual hair Follicles will be gently executed from the back side or the neck area and simply get transplanted to the baldness area or the crown area with the small sapphire tool also the presence of local anesthesia is mandatory and the procedure is completely safe and painless. After the stimulation procedure the dermatologist will clearly instruct you on how you should clearly take care of your hair and in what ways you can keep it in a perfect condition. Also in some cases the doctor may prescribe you an anti- inflammatory medication and also a pain reliever. Also you have to be more calmed for getting effective results.

Reasons Why Hair Transplant Is Gaining More Popularity