Why Acne Is Important

Date :28 September 2020

People have various different myths regarding acne. People of all ages, races and genders suffer from this problem. About 7 out of 10 people are suffering from acne. Its more common among the population who are in adolescence or young adult age. Although it’s not a serious disease but can be frustrating, irritating, painful and can also lead to permanent scarring. Many at times acne tends to get cured naturally as soon as a person hits their 30s.

It’s important to understand how it is caused. The oil secreted by oil glands under the skin travels up the follicle, which contains hair. Then it comes out on the skin through the pores of the follicles. The hair, dirt and oil,all together can clog the narrow follicle pore hence preventing the oil from reaching to the skin’s surface. This mixture of oil and dirt causes infection. Bacteria starts living on the skin and growing on the blocked follicle. Then the bodies defense mechanism starts trying to fight against the infection which leads to causing inflammation in that area. When the wall of the blocked follicle pore breaks down it results into zits and pimples.

Acne can be caused due to various reasons. One of the major reasons is hormonal change. Increase in certain hormones causes oil glands to enlarge which indirectly causes increase in oil formation and secretion. Hormonal acne can be caused at any age, during puberty or pregnancy or even during menopause. Studies show that some people inherit the tendency of developing acne from their parents. Oily and greasy cosmetics also block the pores which leads to cause acne problems. One must take care while buying cosmetics and choose noncomedogenic products.

Several precautions must be taken if you are suffering from acne. Go and see a dermatologist to know the right cause. They may ask some life style and health related questions to identify the problem. Avoid rubbing, picking, squeezing or touching the zits or pimples, this can lead to permanent scars or dark blotches on the skin. Avoid using rough scrub pads. Wash your face daily, at least twice with a gentle and mild cleanser. Don’t forget to wash your face and remove sweat after every intensive physical activity.

Few reasons why early acne treatment is beneficial:

Fast results: Both mild and severe acne takes time to get treated and heal. It’s better to put all the efforts in the first place as soon as you recognize the problem.

Scars: The more severe will be the acne the greater will be chances of you having scars. Treating acne early can prevent from permanent scarring.

To avoid strong medications: When acne becomes too severe, they require strong medications to get cured. These medications can also have harmful side effects on your body.

For self-esteem: Many researches have shown that people suffering from acne also suffer from low self esteem and confidence. It’s better to cure it early than to suffer from severe damage of skin and mental health.

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