Why to see a dermatologist for acne ?

Date :29 September 2020

Acne is a very common disease these days. About 85% of the world’s population has suffered from acne at some point in their lives. Reasons for Acne problem might be different. Acne can be caused at any age but it’s more common among the population who are in adolescence or young adult age. Although it’s not a serious disease but can be frustrating, irritating, painful and can also lead to permanent scarring.

Acne is caused when tiny hair follicles are blocked. The sebaceous glands which are responsible for secreting natural oil and protect the skin from the outer environment. These glands are found right under your skin. When the hair follicles are blocked due to dirt, dead cells and oil. This blockage, prevents the oil from reaching to your skin’s surface.This mixture of oil, dead cells and dirt causes infection.Bacteria starts living on the skin and growing on the blocked follicle. Then the bodies defense mechanism starts trying to fight against the infection which leads to causing inflammation in that area. When the wall of the blocked follicle pore breaks down it results into zits and pimples.

If you notice any changes in your skin then you must visit a dermatologist. But specially take care of these points:

Never been diagnosed before : If you suddenly observe pimples or red bumps on your face, upper chest, back or anywhere else in the body, you must go and get it diagnosed. It’s always a better idea to get evaluated by a professional.

Condition getting worse : If you are already suffering from acne and in spite of taking proper medication and good health care, you see no improve in the condition or if you notice that your condition has worsen than before, you must go and visit your doctor. Sometimes the medicines do not work the way we expect. Your dermatologist may change your medications which might give you relief.

Having severe inflammation, nodules or cysts : If you are having serious inflammatory acne, nodules or cystic breakouts, you must stop experimenting on your skin. Experiments can make your conditions worse. Visit a doctor for proper examination and medication.

Effects of any medication : If you are consuming any medications and your notice any zits or red bumps on your face, you must just stop taking that medicine and consult a doctor. Chances are that acne is causing as the side effects of your medicine. Most of the time steroids and birth control medicines cause acne.

Feeling depressed : If you are facing acne problem from a long period of time and you feel that it has started affecting your mental health, go and consult a doctor about the problem. You must understand that it is a curable disease and can be treated if you take care of your skin properly according to the instructions given to you by your dermatologist. You don’t need to worry or lower your self-esteem just keep your chin high and treat yourself under proper guidance and with care.

Why to see a dermatologist for acne ?