Intensive Hair Root therapy (Mesotherapy) for hair fall, male and female pattern baldness

Hair Transplant

To transplant hair, the surgeon first cleans the scalp, then injects an anesthetic to numb the area where a 3- to 4-inch strip of scalp will be removed. After removing the strip of scalp with a scalpel, the surgeon sets it aside and sews the scalp closed. This area is immediately hidden by the hair around it.

Mesotherapy for hair fall

Mesotherapy is a baldness treatment alternative that allows both men and women with hair regrowth. It can also delay male pattern baldness. With mesotherapy, treatment for hair fall will likely be done via injection gun as opposed to the mesotherapist injecting by hand. This helps to make mesotherapy treatment for hair fall faster as well as potentially less painful.

Mosaic up for hair fall

We offer hair restoration services to help our clientele feel and look more confident and like themselves. Although we offer various forms of treatment for people with permanent hair fall, it is only natural that people should question what causes hair fall in the first place. Although there is no single answer when it comes to hair fall, causes may range from drugs for infections and may be temporary or permanent.

Medical treatment

A pill taken once daily that blocks the activity of an enzyme that metabolizes testosterone to a substance that inhibits hair growth. Any regrowth is not permanent. Finasteride is not used for the treatment of hair fall in women.

Medical Symptom & Sign Information:
Both men and women suffer from thinning hair and hair fall thus making them seek treatment. Male pattern baldness is also a serious concern for a large portion of the population. Each of these conditions fall under the medical term "alopecia." Some of the common signs and symptoms of alopecia include.
  • Balding
  • Patchy hair fall
  • Progressive Thinning of the Hair
Medical Symptom & Sign Information:

Mesotherapy is a technique, invented in 1952 by Dr. Michel Pistor, where medication is injected into the mesoderm, the layer of fat and connective tissue under the skin. Over the past 50 plus years, over 15,000 physicians worldwide have used Mesotherapy on a daily basis for a variety of purposes, including overall weight loss, spot weight reduction, cellulite reduction, hair fall, scar revision and wrinkle elimination. Mesotherapy is also used to correct unevenness, lumps, or divots that develop after liposuction...

In1987, the French Academy of Medicine recognized Mesotherapy as an inherent part of traditional medicine. The International Society of Mesotherapy encompasses 14 countries throughout Europe and South America. Using a very tiny needle (0.4 to 0.6 cm or the size of an eyelash), the medication is injected into the mesoderm painlessly. Sometimes the technique of "multi-pricking" is used, where a number of swift, painless injections are concentrated in a specific area. Although "multi-pricking" can be done by hand, we at Mesotherapy Associates offer a mechanical delivery system that delivers the medicine in a more accurate fashion with even less discomfort to the patient. Patients have universally reported that the treatments cause less pain than a momentary, light pinch. The medications that are used in Mesotherapy melt the fat beneath the skin and shrink the fat cells in the Scarpa's fascia layer. The fat dissolves and is excreted by the kidneys and the bowel without any changes in your bowel habits.

Cellulite is caused by connective tissue bands that hold down the skin, trapping the fat and thereby causing the "dimpling" effect. The medications used in Mesotherapy destroy the connective tissue bands and melt the trapped fat, creating a smooth, dimple-free appearance.

In Mesotherapy, very small doses of different medications are administered in specific areas, depending on the condition being treated. The medicines and plant extracts that we use at Mesotherapy Associates, P.C. are obtained from local pharmaceutical companies in the United States. All medicines used are FDA-approved for their use. In combination, medicines for Mesotherapy are used for off-line purposes.

For cellulite, weight loss, and spot weight reduction, the medications are injected directly to the areas being treated. Treatments are administered weekly, and patients usually begin seeing results by the fourth treatment. After 10 treatments, patients see a significant decrease in size, improved skin tone, and smoothing of cellulite. Typically, patients lose 4 to 10 inches in 10 weeks.

Many patients develop unevenness, divots, or lumps after undergoing liposuction. These areas can be successfully treated with Mesotherapy. The scar tissue that forms under the skin after liposuction is directly targeted and dissolved. Patients see and feel smoothing of divots and lumps, and the unevenness resolves.

The combination of vitamins, herbal products and medication that is injected is tailored specifically for each patient to optimize results. Many factors are taken into consideration to determine the most effective combination:

  1. Genetics: A patient that has had cellulite since adolescence responds differently than one who has developed cellulite more recently.
  2. History of Liposuction: Specific medications are added for a patient with a previous history of liposuction.
  3. Gender: The selection of herbal medications is determined by the gender of the patient.
  4. Type of Fat: The combination of vitamins is guided by the consistency of the tissue being treated. Softer fat is treated differently than firm fat.
  5. Age: The age of the patient is taken into consideration in order to formulate the most effective combination of ingredients.
  6. Medical History: The patient's past medical history is always thoroughly evaluated.